Day: June 15, 2022

hair dryer experiment 

Title: hair dryer experiment 



Understanding air pressure


Hypothesis/Prediction (What I think will happen and why?)


The ping pong ball will fly




Ping pong ball

Hair dryer




1.Plug in the hair dryer 

2. Put the ping pong in the middle of the hair dryer

3. Watch what happen.



When we put the hair dryer to the  highest setting the ping pong ball was sent higher and it was harder to balance the ball and stop it from falling.





My hypothesis was right im pretty happy about that.


Recount of what happened

On Monday 13th of June 2022, Team Tui went to the hall to do the “Candle in the glass” experiment


 Pita’s hypothesis: I think that the candle would of stayed on 


What actually happened: The candle went out went we put the cup on the candle


The experiment went something like this: i got to light up the candle and stick it on the plate